Foreigners: Factors to Understand When Working In Hong Kong

One example is that an expat has lived in Hong Kong for almost 6 years. He would occasionally do his business travel to Singapore for his work. To this expat, Hong Kong seems a city of high class.When you have the spare money; you should have the best time of your life in HK and enjoyed a lot there. Hong Kong is a place with pretty much diversity. The mountains, beaches, forests, night clubs, crowded city districts, pretty gardens would all cramp into some 1,000 square kilometers. Your plan of travel may be to hike the steep mountains in the morning.Go swimming at the beach in the afternoon.Head for a night club in the evening hours. All of these activities may be completed in a single day. The legendary part of Hong Kong is its nightlife through Lan Kwai Fong.

When it comes to working culture, Hong Kong may not be the best. Often, overtime is common and happensin most companies. They are expected, and usually you won’t get paid additional salary to do your overtime work. Simply put it this way, it is part of the culture. But foreigners are always welcome to apply for work visa in Hong Kong. A working visa enables a foreigner to actual take employment and work in HK. A visitor visa (which is usually most expats possess) would only let the foreigner to do what most tourist people can do.One aspect in the blood of HK people is that they are mostly straightforward people. When they do not like something that you have done, they would simply say so to you, and this behavior is not considered rude to most people. It may not be like this in other countries or in Mainland China. When you are married and have children, you should also have no problem getting them to live in HK with you by applying through the dependent visa.

During the weekend, you may think of exactly what to do. Hong Kong has a good edge in terms of attractions and activities. Hong Kong is a more dynamic city with more elements to lives, and with a never ending supply of “items” to do and sightsee. There are many temples, colonial buildings and world class museums.The popular attractions that are landmark to the city include the Peak where people standing onthe Hong Kong Island’s high point can see the views of the city’s skyline. For sightseeing a nice view, you may travel up the big Buddha with cable car. For the sports people, you will find some of the best hiking trails in the world in many mountains in Hong Kong.

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