What Businesses Need to Do After the Circuit Breaker

The Circuit Breaker in Singapore is going to get lifted from June 2. The lockdown will end in three phases. On phase one, companies with minimal chances of physical contact can operate. It will take at least 28 days to get to stage 2, that is if the virus will be substantially controlled during the time.

Well, with companies slowly starting to operate, businesses will also need to be careful about making workplaces safe for their employees.

Don’t Be in a Rush

Some may already know it, but if you look at the Singapore budget 2020 summary, there are various incentives to help companies during the pandemic. Some are financial schemes, while the others include tax and rent waivers. The government has been trying hard, and it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the people around themselves. The economy isn’t as important as people’s health and lives.

Follow Government Rules

The MOM and MOH jointly released the Safe Management Measures to be followed by companies operating after Singapore circuit breaker.

These are some of the guidelines, and companies need to be stringent in following every single one of them. If a firm fails in doing so, they will need to answer to the actions from MOM or MOH:

  • Every company should have a detailed plan laid out on how they will follow the safety measures set by the government.
  • Each company must hire their own Safe Management Officer (SMO). The SMO helps to monitor if the safety guidelines have been followed. They will also do other things to try and prevent COVID-19 in the workplace by conducting safety checks and inspections, keeping records of employees health status, regulating proper hygiene in the company, etc.
  • There shouldn’t be a shortage of soaps and toilet papers on the premises.
  • Employees working from home should be able to continue doing so.
  • Virtual meetings should take place when it is possible.
  • Physical contact should be minimized by maintaining a distance.
  • Mask is a must in workplaces.
  • The SafeEntry system is to be installed in every office.

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