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Archiving Android Text Messages the Right Way

Archiving Android Text Messages the Right Way

Sending and receiving messages has been essential to today’s digital generation. It is convenient for chatting with friends, teenagers updating their moms on where they are, and for companies. Now that remote work is the new norm, this platform has become a huge and significant factor in the corporate realm.

This necessity gave birth to the new implementation of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s regulation for financial firms. Text message archiving is now part of their compliance rules.

Archiving Android text messages has various benefits, including enhanced security for scammers and frauds, a cost-effective alternative, and help with keeping track of records. Hence, here’s a list of how you should properly archive an Android text message:

Take Advantage of Incorporated Archival Tools on Android Phones

All Android devices have an inbuilt archival system. You only need to select the message you want to archive, and there will be an option you can press that spells out the word: Archive. Then, the selected message will be instantly transferred to the cached files.

Taking Screenshots or Screen Recording

Another benefit of Android phones is that they contain a system enabling screen recording. Although this type of recording mobile text messages is unnecessary to comply with FINRA and SEC regulations, it can still be useful. Numerous messaging platforms have paved the way for unsending messages.

It can come in handy in future cases where the sender unsent their messages, and it is no longer available in the archived conversation.

Google Drive Back-Up Text Message

Android devices are developed by Google and used by various smartphone manufacturers. Hence, you can back up text messages on your Google Drive account.

This feature is considered one of the phone’s significant attributes, considering it has 15GB of free storage available for Android users.

Final Thoughts

Recordkeeping is a must, regardless of what type of mobile devices you are using for work. Following the easy steps abovementioned, you can adhere to FINRA and SEC’s regulatory recordkeeping compliance, secure your company, and provide transparency to your clients and leads.

To add to this forethought, you can choose the right communication tool for your business. Based on TeleMessage, a well-known company that focuses on business mobile messaging services, it is important to select the precise channel as this will help your employees to make calls and video calls, send texts, and share multimedia files efficiently.


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