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How can your business stay safe and prevent burglaries?

How can your business stay safe and prevent burglaries?

Business owners desire to protect their assets, employees, customers, and investors. However, as it is with most businesses, they are often vulnerable to crime. This is usually because they don’t see the need to have security measures in place. Such negligence can lead to burglars attacking your business leaving you with little or nothing.

A facilities management company on the other hand will work towards providing your business with commercial security. They will ensure that all your company premises are safe and secure by setting up a strong facility management system that will dramatically reduce security risks.

This article shall cover some of the security actions that need to be taken to prevent burglaries from happening.

·      Safeguard Valuables

Similar to thefts that occur in residential properties, most burglaries happen because a thief is tempted by what’s on display. It’s why you must play your role by handling items on display with extreme caution such as, using high-quality lockers that can safely and securely display the items. Only display items if you have to because it’s risky. It’s always a better idea to make sure that no valuables are left exposed, rather they should be locked away somewhere safe at all times.

In addition to safeguarding your valuables, you can put up anti-theft signage that informs customers they’re being watched. This will also warn potential thieves from acting unlawfully.

·      Video surveillance and monitoring system

A facilities management company can provide your business the crucial security systems such as closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV Cameras). These provide businesses with video surveillance while also being able to capture images and record everything that goes on when you’re away. With the installation of surveillance cameras, potential burglars will avoid getting close to the business for fear of being spotted. So have these up and ensure that they are running both during working and non-operating hours to properly benefit from them.

Before installing CCTV cameras in and around your premises, the facility management company must help you do a few things first;

  • Decide on how you’ll be monitoring. Do you intend to monitor activities by internet, if so then get an IP address for your digital video recorder (DVR) to help you survey and record easily? Also, an Ethernet cable carries all the information you may require via Ethernet witch
  • Decide on how many CCTV cameras you will need. This depends on how big your business is, you need to decide on how many cameras will be set up to ensure complete security.
  • Positioning the CCTV cameras. Cameras will always caution any trespassers. The company can help you hide them in the most exquisite crevices and clefts on walls. Places like these, offer the advantage of protecting cameras from extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms and high-speed winds.
  • Make sure the CCTV cameras work. It would be a complete waste of time to install cameras and not have them working. To maintain them, they should be clean to rid them of dirt and cobwebs. If not well maintained, this could cost you the chance to catch a potential burglar.

Putting up signposts to show people that they are being filmed is also essential. It will even keep the burglars away.

·      Check your locks

Ideally, facility managers review and replace premise locks regularly. This is more so if you suspect that someone else could also be having access to the premises. Choose smart locks over other locks. A smart lock is a blue tooth or Wi-Fi-enabled device that allows users inside a building with just a tap of their finger or voice command. They are specifically created for security purposes. Smart locks can be controlled via an app, connected to Wi-Fi for real-time monitoring, offers multiple keyless entry points, creates permanent or temporary entry points, set limitations for access, allow auto-lock settings, and send alerts to your smartphone.

However, don’t forget that even smart locks can be hacked into. That’s why it’s important to practice security practices such as setting up a strong password and changing it often. When staff members move or change jobs ensure that they no longer have access to these entry points be it by password or anything for safety reasons.

·      Invest in an alarm system

Having a good alarm system isn’t just for homes alone anymore, it can benefit your business as well by decreasing chances for burglars getting into your company premises. Once you set up an alarm and intruders get into your company premises the alarm will go off giving the trespassers away. This gives you chance to catch them in the act before they can make way with anything.

How does an alarm system work?

When one sensor is triggered, the alarm goes off allowing the security company to call the business owner to verify the emergency. If they are found to be burglars, the police, paramedics, and fire department are then alerted to come to your property to offer assistance. Remember, Intruders and thieves are everywhere, that’s why you should install an alarm system to enjoy 24hour protection.

·       Fireproofing

This may not be fire-related however if there’s a fire, your office and property could be destroyed. Invest in a fireproof cabinet to safely protect important documents. How to do this. Install a fire sprinkler, and other safety and suppression systems. These are designed to trigger automatically should a fire outbreak be detected. Portable fire extinguishers can also be of good use in case of fire outbreaks.

Final thoughts

Security is among the most important roles a facilities management company provides. Their security managers will put in place security plans which will deter potential thieves and burglars from targeting your business.

If they do manage to attack your business, the security plan that’s in place will make it easier to catch them and minimize the amount of vandalism they would have done. This article should be able to provide you with all the information you need.

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