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What Are The Different Types Of Generators?

What Are The Different Types Of Generators?

Generators are the power-connected appliances that help to keep the lights and other electricity appliances on. These Generators are used in commercial as well as residential properties. These Generators sales (จำหน่าย generator, which is the term in Thai) convert mechanical energy into electrical and, in an emergency, help people to save the day by supplying power immediately at anytime and anywhere.

There are different types of Generators used for different purposes. Such as for running machines, high-voltage or heavy-duty generators are used. Whereas for residential properties, low voltage or less power as per the property size can be used even. To know more about generators, we can understand that there are different types of Generators available globally. Some generators are:

·      Standby Generators

Standby generators are used in homes with less power. These Generators can supply electricity power connections from lights to fans, refrigerators to microwave air conditioning and more. Whenever the main power supply cuts, these Standby generators can turn on automatically in such emergencies in no time. Hence, it is easy for the home and its members to make them comfortable with no power supply or power outage. Because the generator will start automatically in seconds, you don’t have to remain in darkness for long and do not have to worry about spoiling foods kept in the refrigerator.

·      Portable Generators

Portable generators sales are generators that have a plugging cord system. Portable generators are easy to carry for travel purposes, unlike standby generators. They are not so bulky and small enough to put in a car or take on a camping trip. However, due to less power generation and smaller size, these portable generators don’t generate much electricity to power other commercial or industrial purposes.

·      Inverter Generators

Inverter generators are used for commercial as well as residential properties. Inverters are specialised for converting the energy for fuel-efficient power. These inverters are safer for charging electronics that have low power or voltage. Inverter generators are available in different sizes for large-scale operations; inverters with high power are used. Whereas for small-scale operations, like for charging laptops and camping trips usable other sensitive electronics, low-power inverters are used. According to inverters, their prices and maintenance needs vary.


Generators are primarily necessary electrical appliances used from home use to industrial operations. Generators are used for emergencies where the power supply gets out or needs critical power during tripping or camping. You must ensure the right size of the generator as per the need of the generator sales at that same time.


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